Tuesday, October 11, 2016

15 Beautiful Mason Jar Centerpieces

Decorate with rustic style using mason jars as centerpieces. Mason jars are ideal as centerpieces – just add some water, flowers and stones on the bottom! You may paint it or leave as it is, You can give them a rustic style simply wrapping them in a piece of jute or burlap. 
They are perfect for a wedding, meeting or events in gardens or outdoor or as a nice touch inside your home. In most cases they are used as vases, but they can be also used as a base in many other ideas. In addition there is no need to buy, just recycle what you already have (which usually come jams, mayonnaise, dressings, coffee and many other foods). Decorate it with ribbons or lace. 
They are so budget-friendly and cutie! Mason jars bring a rustic twist to any décor, they are sweet and fun, dip into the gallery below to get more ideas!

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